Hot Cocoa Truffle Mix
Hot Cocoa Truffle Mix

Hot Cocoa Truffle Mix

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Truffle mix is a cacao powder mix which has a delicious mixture of bitter and sweet flavours. It is made with Criollo cacao. Criollo is a rare variety of cacao, and is only cultivated in a few places. The volume of beans per cacao bush is very low, but then on the other hand, the flavour is exceptional. With the Criollo bean, you get one of the most delicate cacao flavours and the beans are justifiably considered a delicacy. The right choice when you want good and classic. Pour hot milk (or perhaps water) over the powder and stir well. Can be served hot or cold and possibly with whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

• Can also be used in beverage dispensers

• Can be served cold

Mixture proportion: 28 g powder to 180 ml liquid.

Ingredients: Sugar, maltodextrin, coconut oil, cacao 8%, flavours, stabilizer: (E412), MILKprotein,canti-caking agent: (E341) emulsifier: (E471, E450 & E322 (SOYlecithin)), salt.


Nutrition Facts


 382 Kcal

Total Fat

Saturated Fat

Trans Fat

    11.7  g

    10.0  g

    0.10  g


    0.147 mg


    259.8 mg

Total  Carbohydrate

Dietary Fiber


  67.88  g

    4.30  g

  51.39  g


    2.60  g

Vitamin A

 0.42  mg   

Vitamin C

     0   mg