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Here at Royal T-Stick we spend our days figuring out the complexities of teas, of making the perfect brew. We have a mission to make loose leaf te simple convenient and delicious.

Set of 2 Heat Resistant Royal T-Stick GlassesAcrylic Display, BigAcrylic Display, SmallTeabox Handmade Light OakTeabox Handmade Black


We offer a complete tea concept for use in hotels and restaurants!

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Coffee Sticks

These Royal Coffee 1 cup Sticks are excellent value for money and are perfect for a wide range of catering and retail applications. Convenient and versatile, they are very popular in offices and reception areas as well as cafes. You can also use them at home too.

Enjoy a well balanced and rounded flavour with a natural aroma that is quite simply irresistable.

How to use the Royal T-Stick

Our Favourites

Chai Tea Rich Spice

Rich Spice is a strong chai with plenty of flavour. Made with both black and green tea, sweetened with honey and flavoured with clove, cardamom and cinnamon. A delicious cup, easy to prepare and easy to store. 

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Chamomile Flowers

The. Chamomille flower tea. Is naturally caffeine-free. Bursting with antioxidants, this rockin’ brew is perfect for bedtime drinking as it won’t keep you up all night -

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Acrylic Display

Presentations displays for use on tables and bars.

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